Discrimination in Work – Relevant Federal Laws

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Discrimination in work is prohibited by some federal laws. These laws and regulations are the following:

* Name VII of the Civil Privileges Action of 1964,
* Title We of the Us citizens with Disabilities Action of 1990 (ADA);
* THIS Discrimination in Employment Action of 1967,
* The Equal Pay Action of 1963 (EPA);
* The Civil Rights Action of 1991 (also known as “CRA of 1991”); and
As amended.

Title VII prohibits companies from discriminating based on race, color, religious beliefs, sex, or national origin.

The ADA prohibits employers from discriminating in employment based on disability, in the general public sector and in the private sector, but excludes the government.

The Rehabilitation Action, Section 501,

The U.S. Equivalent Employment Chance Commission (EEOC) enforces the primary federal government statutes prohibiting discrimination in work. D.C., and now there are regional offices and regional field offices through the entire national country. Check phone information under AUTHORITIES listings for a get in touch with contact number, if you believe you may have been put through employment discrimination.

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