Celebrating Administrative Professionals: AN INSTANT Memo

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When you imagine of Roman times, you don’t believe of secretaries. However that’s exactly when professionals believe the initial secretaries (called “scribes” in the past) visited work. Since that time, secretaries and administrative assistants have grown to be integral elements of business.

Actually, s. and almost 9 million people employed in other styles of administrative positions based on the U.S. Section of Labor. But just how much perform you really find out about this valued and challenging position? Try out this quiz to discover. It originates from Quill Company,


1) T or F: Nearly all secretaries were men before 1930s.

employees who became secretaries had been frequently:

a) Promoted from steno pools

b) Selected from secretarial schools

c) Retrained from factory jobs

3) In what period did xerographic duplication begin?

a) 1930s

b) 1940s

c) 1950s

4) What was the common income of administrative assistants in 2005?

a) $24,000

b) $26,000

c) $28,000

5) National Secretaries Week were only available in 1952. In what calendar year was it transformed to Administrative Specialists Week?

a) 1999

b) 2000

c) 2001


1) Accurate. Secretaries were regarded esteemed advisors-posts kept by men exclusively.

2) (b) Secretarial careers required advanced schooling and academic institutions sprang up to instruct respectable, in-demand skills.

3) (c) Throughout that same period, data typewriters, spurring the development of office supply businesses such as Quill.

4) (c) Based on the U.S. Section of Labor, salaries are anticipated to grow by a lot more than 9 percent in 2006.

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